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Osteopathy - what is it and how does it work?
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At ELLERSLIE OSTEOPATHS we can take care of all your ailments and injuries. We are fully qualified and experienced in cranial Osteopathy and structural Osteopathic techniques and are specifically skilled to examine patients and ascertain which type of Osteopathy is the appropriate treatment for you.

The Osteopaths

Ryan Young Ryan is a New Zealand trained Osteopath graduating his Masters degree from Unitec in 2003. He is committed to giving you long-term relief from symptoms and enable your body to perform at t...

About Osteopathy

Think Pain Relief, Think Osteopathy. But how does it work? As practicing Osteopaths we are often asked what is it we do and how does it work. Osteopathy works to improve function. The Osteopath ask...


At ELLERSLIE OSTEOPATHS we can take care of all your ailments and injuries. We are fully qualified and experienced in cranial Osteopathy and structural Osteopathic techniques and are specifically skil


The Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) will pay an amount towards the cost of your total treatment. Ellerslie Osteopaths can register you at the clinic for ACC claims.  It is not always nec...

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Our Treatments

Most commonly we treat people with knee, neck, lower back and shoulder pain, but also other ailments such as migraine, headaches and stomach pain. We treat children and babies.
knee pain

Knee Pain

The knee is a relatively unstable joint. It has long bones above and below the joint. There is not much muscle over the joint to help protect the joint.  When that movement becomes disorganised, the l
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Back Pain

Back pain usually refers to pain in the lower back but there can also be referred pain from higher up - between the shoulder blades for example. Back pain can be accompanied by pins and needles or num
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Shoulder Pain

Most shoulder problems are characterised by pain and a reduced range of movement at the shoulder joint. This pain gives you an unpleasant reminder of just how much you use your shoulder and arm in a d
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stomach pain

Stomach and Digestive Pain

Many people suffer from digestive complaints such as indigestion, irritable bowel, Crohn's disease and diverticulitis. The Gastro Intestinal Tract or Gut shunts the contents of the  gut through this
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How many of us suffer from a less the good night’s sleep? Recent research has suggested that our gut may play a role in whether we sleep well or otherwise. We are hearing more about the microbiome.


The stomach uses an acid environment to break down food, especially proteins and to make certain vitamins available for absorption. The lining of the stomach is made to cope with a high acid environm...

Pain Relief Medication

At Ellerslie Osteopaths we do recommend the use of pain killers and anti inflammatory medications though you should not be using them for more than a few days at a time. They are a good first line of...

Newsletter June 2018

Migraines — A migraine is usually a severe head ache that produces an intense focused pain. Pain anywhere in the body is nearly always associated with inflammation and this is the case with migrai...

Repetitive Strain Injuries

RSI — Occupational Overuse Injuries. — Gradual Onset Injuries. Most often this type of injury is in the arms, forearms and hands. It is usually associated with a work activity hence the names, repe...

Knee Rehabilitation

Knee injuries are quite common even among people that do not do much physical exercise. The main injuries that you hear about are ligament strains and tears, cartilage injuries and cruciate ligamen

What Our Patients Said

Ellerslie Osteopaths and especially Chris Burnett has always been my place to go when I have had injuries from my work or recreational pursuits. Bad muscle spasms especially have been relieved in the first visit and if they have been really bad by the second or third visit . My elderly parents have also attended the clinic and they always appreciate Chris’s pleasant manner and professionalism.
Ive been to see both Chris and Ryan and have always had great results, sometimes injuries can take time to heal, but the pain threshold either disappears or is greatly reduced after each visit. They are both very gentle in their approach and I think are very talented Osteopaths. I know other people who have been to either of them and also think they are very good and would always go back, if needed. I would highly recommend these guys.
I first went to see Ryan 3 years ago when I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, and have been visiting him since then when I have any discomfort - he even recently helped out with a sore jaw due to stress. He always provides clear explanations for the treatment he recommends and undertakes it in a caring manner. I highly recommend Ryan if you're needing a great Osteopath!!!
I would like to thank Ryan for his wonderful services. My back pain is completely gone in 6 treatments and I feel much better now. I really appreciate for all your support and can say in my experience if you ever suffer from pain please go and see Ryan. He is the best of best. Again, thanks!
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All our Osteopaths and Staff in our clinic are fully vaccinated.