It is hard to get a good one in these modern times. The Osteopath thinks it is essential for good health.

Recently we had a power cut for three days. We had to go to bed at about 7.30 when it got dark. Off to sleep at about 9pm. Marvellous.

It was a bit like that in the old days even if you had electricity. Very little media to keep you awake.

Not so today.

Even a good job and enjoyable recreation activities can become a drag when you are tired.

I have always thought that most of the people that come to our Osteopathic Clinic after some mishap or other are essentially tired.

Good things happen when you are well rested.

For good health, good creative judgement and an element of happiness you need to get some good sleep.

Start with developing regular habits.

Begin by slowing down an hour before your elected bed time.

Record that exciting crime drama that tend to be on at that time of night to watch later rather than watching it  just before bed.

Turn off the phone and push your computer aside, there is some evidence that the white light from modern device screens stimulates the brain in the way that sunlight would. The primitive regions of the brain ( there is nothing primitive about the brain) thinks it is daytime and pushes all the wake up buttons.

Develop a routine, especially in the first month in the hour or two before bed time.

Routines can be boring but the feeling of well being after having had a good nights sleep is fantastic.

You might like a midday power nap as well. I find ten minutes is good. If I am bit jaded and past the age of say forty that is quite acceptable, sitting down with my head on my arms gives me a good short sleep and means that I will not be drowsy in the after noon.

Better sleep equals better mental and physical health.


All our Osteopaths and Staff in our clinic are fully vaccinated.