Think Pain Relief, Think Osteopathy.

But how does it work?
As practicing Osteopaths we are often asked what is it we do and how does it work.
Osteopathy works to improve function.

The Osteopath asks the simple question: Why is this person getting pain? What is affecting their function?
On examination the Osteopath will invariably find that the soft tissues in the areas of pain are tight.
This is the body’s protective mechanism to reduce movement in response to pain.
Tight tissue will result in reduced blood flow and blood flow is controlled by the nervous system.
Osteopathy works to reset the nervous system, to reduce the tightness of the soft tissue and return blood flow to a better normal.
Good blood flow will bring oxygen and nutrients to the effected body tissues and this helps healing.
Good blood flow also removes byproducts of tissue respiration and repair.
Almost without exception an improved blood flow will improve the health of the tissue concerned.

Why is Osteopathy often so gentle?
The osteopath is trying to effect and rest the nervous system. The nervous system monitors hundreds of events around the the body. It is a very sensitive mechanism.

It seems that the best results can often be achieved by being very gentle. It is the difference between shouting and asking in a kindly fashion.
If we were asking you to make a change which would you prefer?

All our Osteopaths and Staff in our clinic are fully vaccinated.