How many of us suffer from a less the good night’s sleep? Recent research has suggested that our gut may play a role in whether we sleep well or otherwise. We are hearing more about the microbiome. This microbiome about the bacteria that lives in our intestines and helps to digest our food and make it available to be absorbed across into our blood. Increasingly we are eating stuff that our bodies do not recognise. Food that comes in a packet, is highly


The stomach uses an acid environment to break down food, especially proteins and to make certain vitamins available for absorption. The lining of the stomach is made to cope with a high acid environment while to lining of the Oesophagus is not. Acid from the stomach gives the burning feeling when it flows up into the Oesophagus. Normally the acid stays in the stomach but sometimes the valve in the top of the stomach and diaphragm fails. Heartburn. It is...

Pain Relief Medication

At Ellerslie Osteopaths we do recommend the use of pain killers and anti inflammatory medications though you should not be using them for more than a few days at a time. They are a good first line of defence. This class of drugs reduce pain and inflammation. This is good after an incident or injury. Inflammation and pain are often worse than the injury warrants. Reducing pain and inflammation will allow you to sleep better and function in a more normal...

Newsletter June 2018

Migraines — A migraine is usually a severe head ache that produces an intense focused pain. Pain anywhere in the body is nearly always associated with inflammation and this is the case with migraines. There is some sort of inflammation in the brain. This low grade inflammation in the brain associated with migraine causes the inner workings to have a type of uncontrolled nervous activity. Sufferers must try to reduce the inflammation, in general way w...

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive Strain Injuries
RSI — Occupational Overuse Injuries. — Gradual Onset Injuries. Most often this type of injury is in the arms, forearms and hands. It is usually associated with a work activity hence the names, repetitive and overuse. Gradually the pain gets worse over the months and years. It is painful to do anything with the hands, nearly all activities. Most people who have this type of pain will have pain in other parts of the arm and shoulder through to the spin...

Knee Rehabilitation

Knee Rehabilitation
Knee injuries are quite common even among people that do not do much physical exercise. The main injuries that you hear about are ligament strains and tears, cartilage injuries and cruciate ligament strains or ruptures. As with all things medical there is debate about the best therapeutic regime. Long ice baths have been discounted as an effective therapy immediately after a sports injury, though local contrast bathing with both ice and heat is ef

Blood Supply

Blood is rich in all sorts of wonderful things that are good for you. Good health is about having a good blood flow around our bodies. Movement helps blood flow. After exercise our body usually feels refreshed because it has had fresh oxygen rich blood moved around it. Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, bones and vital organs. When we feels pain and discomfort there is a blood supply issue for some reason. Osteopathy improves ...


Asthma and its Auto Immune cousins There is now research that is producing mounting evidence that aspects of our modern lifestyle promote an increased incidence of asthma. The link below is to an interview that may be interesting to anyone who is concerned about any of the auto immune diseases. Peeling back the layers of the immune system is a complex process. It is one of the hardest parts of of human physiology to understand. It seems that


Exercises are great to continue and maintain improvement. These are some exercises that we often give adult patients. Exercises help augment the Osteopathic Treatment. You get the real benefit from exercises after you have been doing them for a couple of months. Do your exercises every day. Most of the exercises we give will only take a minute or two. For Low back pain -- Yoga Cat stretch.  Do it ten times slowly and within a pain free range. Look

Varicose Veins

Most people know what these are. It is when veins, usually in the legs, dilate and become engorged with blood and visible under the skin. These veins are unsightly but they also indicate that the vessels returning blood to the heart are not functioning well. The veins may have started to varicose for a number of reasons. It is not hard for the person attached to the legs to help make a remedy. In the worst cases the blood flow through the legs becomes b...
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