People often comment that they have “really bad” posture. This is sometimes the case but mostly their posture is not as bad as they might think. A few simple tweaks and they would feel much better about it. Good posture can be quite easily attained by practicing using only the effort necessary to hold yourself upright and move you about. If you think about it there will many tight muscles in your body that are not actually contributing to movement...

Head Injuries

We believe that Osteopathy can do a lot to help people who have suffered a head injury. Even mild head injuries can cause ongoing head pain, fatigue, memory loss, depression along with a number of other symptoms. We think that Osteopathy can offer some help to people who have suffer from some of the issues resulting from a head injury. We are going to do an ‘outcome study’ to begin to measure the efficacy of Osteopathic Treatment of mild head injuries. ...

Growing Pains

Osteopathy can treat this. The term Growing Pains is usually used to describe night time pain around the knees and legs of adolescents. There is no evidence that growth, as such, is a factor. The pain is often concentrated around the area just below the front of the knee. It can be called Osgood Schlatters Disease which is inflammation of the insertion of the tendon below the knee cap. Active adolescents are more likely to the adolescent group, t

Acute – Lower Back Pain

As Osteopaths we treat a lot of Low Back Pain. Acute and Chronic are definitions that are used by the various medical groups including Osteopaths to define pain. These definitions are almost irrelevant to the person suffering the pain, for them the pain is, painful and its degree is what is important. Acute Low Back Pain is pain that has lasted less than three months. Most low back pain, though debilitating and is affecting every part of the suffe...

Lifting Heavy Weights?

I notice that it has become fashionable for personal trainers to encourage their erstwhile sedentary, urban, weakling, clients to lift heavy weights. This is the opposite to the common wisdom of high reps low weights. If you want to stay injury free then stick with the common sense wisdom of high reps, low weights. Personal trainers are often a bit obsessed and want everyone to be fit and strong just like them. While that may be a good idea on the face ...

Sinus Pain

Not many people think of going to an Osteopath if they suffer from Sinus Pain. Osteopathic Treatment can often relieve Sinus Pain. Sinus Pain focuses around the forehead and nose. The thing is that with Sinus Pain you get recurring episodes of it and because the face is very sensitive it is very uncomfortable. Sinus Pain is a congestion issue. Congestion causes the mucous membranes in the nose and sinus cavities to inflame which is painful. There is a ...

Osteopathy and Asthma

Also called Breathing Difficulties What is Asthma? Asthma is a common and sometimes debilitating respiratory disorder which can affect people of all ages. Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases in New Zealand. Sufferers can experience difficulty breathing, with an associated wheeze and tightness of the chest. Other symptoms may include coughing, vomiting and shaking. (more…)
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