Head Injuries

We believe that Osteopathy can do a lot to help people who have suffered a head injury. Even mild head injuries can cause ongoing head pain, fatigue, memory loss, depression along with a number of other symptoms. We think that Osteopathy can offer some help to people who have suffer from some of the issues resulting from a head injury. We are going to do an ‘outcome study’ to begin to measure the efficacy of Osteopathic Treatment of mild head injuries. ...

Sinus Pain

Not many people think of going to an Osteopath if they suffer from Sinus Pain. Osteopathic Treatment can often relieve Sinus Pain. Sinus Pain focuses around the forehead and nose. The thing is that with Sinus Pain you get recurring episodes of it and because the face is very sensitive it is very uncomfortable. Sinus Pain is a congestion issue. Congestion causes the mucous membranes in the nose and sinus cavities to inflame which is painful. There is a ...
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