Osteopathy can treat this.

The term Growing Pains is usually used to describe night time pain around the knees and legs of adolescents. There is no evidence that growth, as such, is a factor.

The pain is often concentrated around the area just below the front of the knee. It can be called Osgood Schlatters Disease which is inflammation of the insertion of the tendon below the knee cap.

Active adolescents are more likely to the adolescent group, the sporty ones, though now always. This pain can be quite debilitating.

The advice is usually just to take analgesics (but not aspirin) apply massage, heat and eventually it will go away.

The Osteopathic view of this is as with all pain it is an issue associated with the function of nervous system and blood supply.

Osteopathic treatment seems to balance these two systems and improve function, it usually resolves very quickly with Osteopathic Treatment .

Other more serious conditions do give similar symptoms but an Osteopath will be able to differentiate these and treat or refer as required.

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