We believe that Osteopathy can do a lot to help people who have suffered a head injury. Even mild head injuries can cause ongoing head pain, fatigue, memory loss, depression along with a number of other symptoms. We think that Osteopathy can offer some help to people who have suffer from some of the issues resulting from a head injury.

We are going to do an ‘outcome study’ to begin to measure the efficacy of Osteopathic Treatment of mild head injuries.

If you know someone who has had a head injury and may want to be a part of this study please ask them to get in touch.

Osteopathy. – relieving pain in areas that you thought could not be reached.
While many people’s first thought about Osteopathy is relief for back pain, they will be interested to learn that most pain, can be substantially relieved with thoughtful hands on treatment.
Unfortunately the practical approaches to medicine have not remained fashionable as medical investigation and treatment become increasingly technical.
Medical treatment at the primary level is more about screening for serious illness rather than relieving pain and improving health.
Modern medicine has become very good at keeping people alive but may have become less effective remedies for the ninety five percent of complainants that are not dying but are not feeling well.

Osteopathy fits in here.

Not dying but not well.
Osteopathy has a lot to offer this group.
The complaints that people go to their GP with are commonly colds and flues, muscular and ligament strains, children’s complaints, sore stomachs and gynecological pain.

Osteopathic treatment of the back is known to be useful and efficient. Do not forget that as a therapy for all muscular and ligamentous pain Osteopathy is of equally good value. Knee and shoulder pain are the most common complaints after those in the back and head. You need to come in for osteopathic treatment, earlier rather than later if you want to want your life to be pain free.

Remember the training for a registered Osteopath follows a similar line and is complimentary to that of your GP. If your pain has the suspicion of a more serious illness we would not hesitate to refer you on to your doctor or an A&E department.

If you want to find out where your weak points are or perhaps develop some new ones then you need go no further than the sports arena. Most of the injuries I see however were probably going to happen anyway. We are a product of all our lives since conception and some of our parts are not as strong as indestructible.
By making the area that is weak work better it will get stronger and better able to cope with what you throw at it. By making all the areas that relate to the area work better it will gain further strength. If you are suffering from knee pain then it is important to look at all the structures from the waist down left and right as these relate to the knee.
Osteopathy takes a long and broad look.

About twenty five percent of the people we see at Osteopathic Services are children. Most of them are babies that have not settled into a life outside the womb. They are not sleeping well, have colic, are having trouble suckling, crying incessantly, etc.
We are mainly asked to treat babies but it is very worthwhile bringing those children that are older and getting repeated ear infections, frequent colds and or chest infections. It is also worthwhile bringing them for behavioural problems.
All these complaints are more likely than not to have a structural aspect. Osteopathy improves the body structure.

Sore tummies– Indigestion– Constipation etc
After all this time thinking that Osteopathy was good for back pain it is hard to imagine how it might be able to treat pain in the abdomen. The same principle of treatment of applies. We soften the tissues and get a better blood flow, this will also get the contents of the stomach and intestines moving. Most stomach and intestinal pain will be relieved by osteopathy and this also goes for more serious problems like Colitis and Crohns disease.
What ever the problem the tissues will wear a bigger smile if they get a better blood supply.
As our food becomes more complicated and richer and given the fact that most of us are as physical as we once were the gut is having more difficulty getting the food through.
A patient presented here a couple of months ago with pain in the neck and between the shoulder blades. He was just thirty but he felt (to me) older being generally tight in the tissues, he did have that lean and hungry look that usually goes with being fit but it turned out he sat in his car most of the day. He mentioned that he had ongoing stomach problems with constipation, diarrhea and general discomfort. He had given up trying to seek a remedy for this though till now he had only been to his GP who prescribed medication and had thought that colonoscopy and other investigation might be the next plan of attack.
Gentle manipulation of the abdomen helped this man enormously. In two sessions he had progressed to where he was hardly aware that he had a stomach and intestine.
The neck problem was much harder to sort.
I thought that the problem was probably a result of a whiplash injury he got in a car accident.

Shoulder — A very useful part of your body to have working well. It is such a clever joint, so dexterous and strong.
It is connected to the trunk by only one bony joint, where the collar bone meets the breast bone near the mid-line below your throat. These are the rotator cuff muscles which are something of a blend of muscles and ligaments and get into a state where they do not work as a team very well.
They need to be reset in a way, taken back into neutral and allowed to have another go at being useful. This joint can be either easy or difficult to treat mainly depending on how it got like that. A difficult one just takes longer to get right but it is well worth it to have good function in the shoulder.

Worth a thought.
If you have food in the fridge, If you have a fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of the worlds population.
If you have money in the bank, in your wallet and a few coins in a jar somewhere then you are in a group that includes just 8% of the worlds population. If you get to go to see an Osteopath well then …….

Thank you to those people that have recommended Osteopathic Services to their friends and family.
We survey ten of our patients each month by phone. This helps to improve our service to you generally. If you do not wish to be surveyed just say no thanks when the person calls. The info gained is well worth the effort.
Thank you.

All our Osteopaths and Staff in our clinic are fully vaccinated.