Ellerslie Osteopath’s Head Injury Clinic

Treatment for ConcussionMany of the symptoms of a concussion injury can be treated quite effectively with Osteopathy. The earlier the treatment is started for a head injury the easier it is to reduce the symptoms.
Symptoms include headache, migraine, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, confusion, fatigue, poor concentration, memory problems, sleep problems, depression, irritability, noise intolerance and cognitive deficit. Hopefully not all of these will affect any one individual.

These symptoms can be quite debilitating and go on for a long time.

Medical advice for head injuryWe are currently gathering some data on outcomes of treatment for some types of head injury. This involves firstly consenting to being part of the research data collection and then filling out a short questionnaire at each treatment session. This questionnaire is called the Rivermead Post Concussion Test.
This will give a better indication of how the progress of the treatment is progressing and helps us tailor the treatment delivery, this tells us just how effective we are.

Our study is mainly looking at the group of head injuries classed as ‘Mild Head Injury’. The injury should have occurred less than six months ago, there has been no apparent physical damage, and loss of consciousness for no more than 30 minutes.

No patient has to be involved in the research project if they do not wish to.

What happens to the brain in head injury – concussion?
From an Osteopathic perspective a hit on the head gives a shock to the central nervous system. We think that this upsets the normal physiology of the brain. Osteopathic treatment is focused on restoring this.

Osteopathic treatment is very gentle. It is important that the treatment is gentle as the nervous system following a head injury can be quite sensitive and may not respond well to more vigorous treatment.

Auckland Concussion Clinic
We have treated many people at our Concussion Clinic who have suffered a head injury or who suffer from migraine headaches. We feel quite strongly that treatment does speed recovery significantly. Our clinic is conveniently located in Ellerslie, Auckland (exit motorway at Greenlane coming from the north or Ellerslie from the south).

If you wish to discuss this further then please get in touch, call 09 525 7766.
If you or someone else you know has had a head injury then it may be worth getting in touch.

All our Osteopaths and Staff in our clinic are fully vaccinated.