Calling any bang on the head a head injury (mild or severe) is just convenient way of catergorising the type of injury and often a lot of similarity ends there.

While head injuries often give the victim a similar set of symptoms, each head injury is quite different.

While two people might be hit with similar force, for example hit by a blunt object on the head, the outcome and recovery is often quite different.

The severity of symptoms will be different, one particular symptom will be worse and different than the other individual.

One of the victims may have quite a quick recovery and the other very slow.

When you are trying to return to normal life this might make it difficult and add to the psychological hurdle.

It can be a slow journey to get back your Mojo.

The victim should try not to compare themselves with anyone else as far as recovery rate.

One thing that is true getting on with the various treatment regimes as soon as possible after the injury gets the best outcome.

Osteopathy can play an important part with the recovery provided the Osteopath has some experience with treating this sort of injury.

The Osteopath should at least by happy with the concept of so-called Cranial Osteopathy.

The efficacy of Osteopathy seems to be being demonstrated by the results coming out of the collection of outcome data that we are doing at Ellerslie Osteopaths.

Treatment should be a multifaceted approach with a Cognitive-Psychological, Pharmacological, Osteopathic taking care not to rush it, that is, slow and steady.

The brain is in shock after a head injury and treatment is aimed at nursing this very delicate and important organ back toward full function.

The other very important thing is to be very careful not to bang that injured head again.

For cognitive exercises this website might be worth a look:

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