The stomach uses an acid environment to break down food, especially proteins and to make certain vitamins available for absorption.

The lining of the stomach is made to cope with a high acid environment while to lining of the Oesophagus is not. Acid from the stomach gives the burning feeling when it flows up into the Oesophagus.

Normally the acid stays in the stomach but sometimes the valve in the top of the stomach and diaphragm fails.

Heartburn. It is quite uncomfortable and can feel like a heart attack.
Usually visitors to the Doctor will be prescribed medication to reduce the acid in the stomach.

It is important to remember that the stomach is supposed to have that level of acid. It is important to get the most out of the food we eat.

It is better to treat the issue that is causing the problem.

Improve the function of the valve at the top of the stomach and improve the function of the diaphragm which is also involved.

Osteopathy is good at improving function and getting the stomach and diaphragm getting it to do what it supposed to do.

Vitamin B12, an important component in normal function of the nervous system needs stomach acid to be broken down from food and be available for the body to absorb. Medication designed to lower stomach acidity will reduce the the availability of B12.

It is better to get he stomach working so it does not allow reflux.
Do the simply thing first. See an Osteopath.

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