Not many people think of going to an Osteopath if they suffer from Sinus Pain. Osteopathic Treatment can often relieve Sinus Pain.
Sinus Pain focuses around the forehead and nose.
The thing is that with Sinus Pain you get recurring episodes of it and because the face is very sensitive it is very uncomfortable.
Sinus Pain is a congestion issue. Congestion causes the mucous membranes in the nose and sinus cavities to inflame which is painful.
There is a build up of snotty fluid which provides an ideal environment for microbes to thrive and multiple in.
Antibiotics will help clear the infection up but this is temporary because antibiotics do not improve the drainage of the Sinus cavities.
Osteopaths can improve the situation more permanently because Osteopathy works to improve functional drainage of the face and head.
Osteopathic Treatment should be able to offer longer term relief.
At Ellerslie Osteopaths we would give you some self management techniques which will enhance the treatment too.
Osteopathy is a logical and practical solution to Sinus Pain.

All our Osteopaths and Staff in our clinic are fully vaccinated.