The bodies most complex organ and with one Hundred Bullion nerve cells it is hard to imagine how the brain might function.

It may be comforting to know that even the most studious Neuro Scientists also struggle to understand how it functions.


The Osteopath is trying to effect change to the nervous system.

The picture we have of the human brain is of the wrinkly bit on the top and sides. This is the Cerebrum, Latin for brain. This is the part contains many of the so-called higher function, decision making areas but also contains areas that process things like sensation coming in, vision, sound, touch, taste etc and then the initiation of motor function reacts to the sensation with actions like talking, moving and direction.

Osteopathy effects a change to physiology of the brain and nervous system.

Also in the Cerebrum is the prefrontal area of the brain where some quite sophisticated thought processes take place like judgement, problems solving, deciding how to behave and concentration.

At the back of the cerebrum is a big area associated with vision, the processing of sensation that has come in through the eyes.

The cerebrum while starting off smooth in appearance before birth become wrinkled probably to provide more surface area for the brain cells that become active when the new born starts to use their brain as they receive sensation and react to that sensation.

It is but one part of a remarkable piece of the human anatomy.

Look after it.


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