A headache is hard to ignore, and everyone from babies to adults can suffer from headaches and head pain.

Suffer no more!  Osteopathy can decrease the frequency and level of pain associated with headaches.

At Ellerslie Osteopaths we treat many patients complaining of headaches.  A few treatments usually gives long-term relief even for people who have suffered frequent and severe headaches.

Studies have suggested that some 20% of children regularly  suffer from headaches. So we treat a lot of unsettled babies and believe many of these babies are suffering from headaches.

Headaches come with labels – such as  tension, migraine and cluster.  Many headaches get labeled migraine but are probably severe tension type headaches.

Tension type headaches are usually less complex and easier to treat. Pain is usually mediated by the blood and nerve supply.  The osteopath can find what is restricting the blood supply to the head and restore this flow to relieve pain and restore wellbeing.

All our Osteopaths and Staff in our clinic are fully vaccinated.