Most people know what these are. It is when veins, usually in the legs, dilate and become engorged with blood and visible under the skin.
These veins are unsightly but they also indicate that the vessels returning blood to the heart are not functioning well. The veins may have started to varicose for a number of reasons.
It is not hard for the person attached to the legs to help make a remedy.
In the worst cases the blood flow through the legs becomes bad enough so when you get an ulcerated wound it takes ages to heal or there is a greater likelihood of Cellulitis.
Sitting a lot, common these days in work environments, women wearing high heels do not allow the calf muscles to act as pumps that aid returning blood back to the heart both worse as you get older.
The legs will drain better if you exercise, if you get up and walk around for a short time if you work sitting, if you put your legs up for a while at some point during your day.
If you regularly stretch the muscles and ligaments in the legs this will also help the blood and fluids to drain out of the legs.
Of course Osteopathy can help a lot with blood flow, it is the guiding principal the guides our profession but as with so many things in life an prevention is so much better than the cure.

Develop habits that encourage good blood flow, exercise getting up for a few minutes, three minutes is enough, walk around, stretch and put your legs up for while when you get home.
It all helps.

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