Asthma and its Auto Immune cousins

There is now research that is producing mounting evidence that aspects of our modern lifestyle promote an increased incidence of asthma.

The link below is to an interview that may be interesting to anyone who is concerned about any of the auto immune diseases.

Peeling back the layers of the immune system is a complex process. It is one of the hardest parts of of human physiology to understand.

It seems that incidence of allergic conditions have been on a steep increase since the mid 1950s. Perhaps the time that modern house hold chemicals started to come into general use.

Listen to the podcast and see what you think.

All disease is multifaceted. We get sick because of the genes we carry, our life style, nutritional status, environment and psychological state.

Improve one of those factors will often  give a significant improvement of the underlying condition.

Osteopathy can have a positive effect on Asthma by making the thorax function better .

Enjoy the podcast:

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