RSI — Occupational Overuse Injuries. — Gradual Onset Injuries.

Most often this type of injury is in the arms, forearms and hands. It is usually associated with a work activity hence the names, repetitive and overuse.
Gradually the pain gets worse over the months and years.
It is painful to do anything with the hands, nearly all activities.
Most people who have this type of pain will have pain in other parts of the arm and shoulder through to the spinal column though they might not be that aware of it.
The treatment of this sort of pain can be difficult. The amount of treatment required can be reduced by treating the shoulder and arm from the spinal column out to the wrist and hand.
Osteopathy is so successful because it aims to treat all the parts of a painful problem providing a more complete fix.
We would also give advice on how to prevent the pain recurring.

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