Exercises are great to continue and maintain improvement.

These are some exercises that we often give adult patients.
Exercises help augment the Osteopathic Treatment. You get the real benefit from exercises after you have been doing them for a couple of months.
Do your exercises every day. Most of the exercises we give will only take a minute or two.

For Low back pain — Yoga Cat stretch.  Do it ten times slowly and within a pain free range. Look on You Tube for a demonstration.
For pain between the shoulders  — While you are sitting with your elbows forward and your hands clasped around your neck draw a Figure 8 on its side with your elbows. Do it ten times. Easy.
Also for the mid back and ribs — Another easy sitting down exercise. Sitting and reaching up alternate hands over the head to side bend and stretch the ribs.
For Neck Pain — with the chin held in, slowly rotate the neck from side to side within a pain free range, three times each side.

Keep it simple – do them once or twice daily within a pain free range. Make them a habit. Do them forever.

All our Osteopaths and Staff in our clinic are fully vaccinated.