People often comment that they have “really bad” posture.

This is sometimes the case but mostly their posture is not as bad as they might think. A few simple tweaks and they would feel much better about it.

Good posture can be quite easily attained by practicing using only the effort necessary to hold yourself upright and move you about.

If you think about it there will many tight muscles in your body that are not actually contributing to movement. This is a waste of effort.

Start off by standing up with your weight evenly on both feet.

Your weight should be evenly spread over the soles of your feet.

People often tend to have their weight over the front of their feet or more on one foot so check the weight is evenly spread.

Now feel up through your legs to your gluteal region and let any muscle tension relax off.

You are probably have not fallen over and are standing with less effort which will give you the idea.

The next thing is to feel like your are hanging from a string on the top of your head. Let everything relax down from there.

Apply the same technique to all your activities.

Try to get around using as little muscular energy as you can.

Relax, save your energy for better things than holding your bum tight.

Refer back to this through the day. Make this relaxed posture a habit.

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